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We have a wonderful variety of cakes to choose from...

All cakes are decorated with fresh flowers where applicable.
Quotes for rolled fondant finishes or other special decoration requests are available from Kate.
48 hours notice is required for cake orders.


 9" round
 12 to 16
 12" round
 20 to 35
 9"x12" rectangle
 20 to 35
 12" x18" sheet
 40 to 70


Lemon Poppy Seed Cake
Light and lemony layers of butter cake with a sprinkling of poppy seeds.
Each layer is separated with lovely vanilla butter cream

Lemon and Vanilla Sponge Cake
Layers of light vanilla sponge cake separated with seasonal mixed berries and lemon mousse

Lemon Mousse Meringue Cake
Heavenly light layers of French meringue filled with lemon mousse and seasonal fresh berries, then smothered in a cloud of Chantilly whipped cream and toasted sliced almonds

Lemon  Berry Cake - $45.00
Layers of moist lemon ricotta pound cake filled with lemon mousse and fresh berries and then frosted with vanilla butter cream

Vanilla Sponge Berry Cake
THREE lovely light layers of vanilla sponge filled with lemon mousse and fresh berries and then iced with creamy Swiss Meringue butter cream and topped with toasted almonds

Vanilla  Cake
A rich vanilla butter cake layered with vanilla butter cream and finished with French butter cream

Marble Cake
A classic blend of chocolate and yellow cake filled with dark chocolate butter cream

Dark Chocolate Layer Cake
Dark, moist chocolate cake layered with dark chocolate butter cream, or raspberry butter cream,  or orange Grand Marnier butter cream, or mocha rum butter cream, and then frosted with either dark chocolate or vanilla butter cream

Chocolate & Salted Caramel Pecan Cake
Dark chocolate cake with salted caramel butter cream, toffee bits and toasted pecans

Chocolate Strawberry Cake - $45.00
Layers of dark chocolate cake, whipped cream, fresh strawberries and chocolate ganache

White Chocolate Raspberry Cake
A beautiful cake composed of white chocolate pound cake and delicate layers of raspberry butter cream encased in Swiss vanilla butter cream

Red Velvet Cake
Three layers of southern red chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting

  Sweet Indulgence Carrot Cake
A moist and delicious combination of carrots, walnuts, pineapple and coconut all topped off with traditional cream cheese frosting

Woodland Nut Cake
A delightful pound cake made of a flavourful combination of toasted ground almonds and hazelnuts layered with vanilla butter cream

Hazelnut Mocha Genoise Cake - $45.00 / $76 / $164
This heavenly cake consists of layers of light hazelnut sponge cake, mocha brandy butter cream, hazelnut meringue and chocolate ganache

Apricot Almond Dacquoise Layer Cake - $45.00 / $76 / $164
Layers of rich almond pound cake separated by crisp almond meringue surrounded on either side  with apricot filling. Topped off with light rum flavoured or vanilla  butter cream

Strawberries & White Chocolate Mousse - $45.00 (10 inch round only)
Whole strawberries surrounded with white chocolate mousse set on a vanilla crumb base  and topped with dark chocolate shavings

Cheesecakes -$42 00 ( 9 inch round only)
Flavours include Chocolate, Chocolate Marble, New York with Fresh Fruit, Caramel Pecan, Key Lime, Lemon with Lemon Curd, Lemon with Blueberries, Cappuccino, Turtle, Chocolate Caramel Pecan, Coconut Cream, English Toffee, or Baileys


Cupcake Flavours

Chocolate with choice of frosting
Chocolate with chocolate ganache filling and choice of frosting
Chocolate with peanut butter chips and choice of frosting
Coconut with shredded coconut frosting
Vanilla with choice of frosting
Vanilla with fresh strawberry centre and choice of frosting
Lemon with lemon curd filling and choice of frosting
White chocolate with fresh strawberry centre and choice of frosting
Pumpkin with cinnamon cream cheese frosting
Carrot with cream cheese

Frosting Flavours

Vanilla butter cream
White chocolate butter cream
Dark Chocolate
Milk chocolate butter cream
Mocha butter cream
Peanut Butter
Cream Cheese


2.5” cupcake - $3.50
Mini cupcakes - $2.00

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